About Kat


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My passion is helping people over forty use the difficult times as the very doorway to living their truest life ever.

My educational choices expanded my gift for deep listening and seeing the beauty and wholeness in myself and others. They provide me the knowledge and skills to work with hundreds of people in their most tender moments where they feel heard, held and fully gotten in a way that allows them to experience themselves and the world in a way they couldn’t before.

I received my B.A. in Humanistic Psychology from Sonoma State University in 1980, and in 1996 an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Along the way, I developed my intuitive counseling and healing abilities. I discovered first hand that we all have the inherent ability to be intuitive and to work with energy, we are just conditioned out of it.

In 1992 I was appointed Clinical Co-Director of a residential treatment program specializing in adult survivors of childhood trauma. In addition to the daily management of a program serving residents, I helped create a life skills program that assisted clients in creating healthier, more fulfilling pathways for living. It was here that I deeply experienced the incredible resilience and the inherent wholeness of all people as each person reclaimed themself.

I served as a counselor at a residential program for juvenile gang-members. This work opened my heart and illustrated for me that beneath all behavior is the true desire to connect, to have meaning, and to give and receive love.

Since 1996 I have offered psychospiritual counseling, teaching and consulting. My secret desire is to have my own call-in show on Oprah’s radio network. In the meantime, I am working on creating a call-in advice show for BlogTalkRadio.

Until recently I lived in Northern California, now I live in Ajijic, Mexico. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, being here is such a dream come true. My spirit is enriched every day as I walk in this village of lake, mountains and sky filled with gracious and joyous people.  I am blessed by technology that allows me to stay connected with family, friends and you, my clients. I am laughing, eating fabulous food and enjoying all the art and culture this area has to offer.

Please feel free to call (510) 225-5358 or email me with any questions.