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I’m glad you’re curious about Attunement: a practice that gives you a key to the door that you have been knocking on with your deepest desires and unanswered longings. I acknowledge your courage and readiness to give yourself this time, to go within, to reflect and discover evermore fully your authentic self, and the unlimited support available to us all.

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Life Review with Compassion

Heartbreak can be the lock that closes you off or the key that opens you up to living life fully.

You know how things can take you down, lock the doors to protect against future hurt or disappointment. I’m sure you know this from your own experience. But, here is the kicker, the part that makes me giddy, those aspects of yourself that have been closed down, can be freed.

It’s not too late to go from lock to key.

In fact, recovering your self-trust, your curiosity, your self-love, and your open heart bring big liberation, are the missing puzzle pieces of your good life.

Yes, I truly believe that heartbreak is the key to living life fully.

Kat shares how heartbreak can be the key to living life fully.Realizing, reallllly recognizing, that we’ve all been deeply hurt and that being heartbroken is a natural part of being human, we can open up to our natural compassion. Compassion lives underneath the painful judgments that we have towards ourselves and others, it lives under the lonely separation we feel.

What does this look like?

The energy of completing one year and moving into the new one, is the perfect time to review your life from the this perspective; to look and see what is fresh and honors who we are now. And, discover what is old and limited, ready to drop away with our new awareness.

Here is a simple, yet powerful, way to get started with your life review from an Attitude of Gratitude (next newsletter will focus on the gratitude part) and Compassion.

Start by choosing a time when you have some space, some quiet in which to be undisturbed.

Pick one experience from your past that was slightly painful, but not the most painful experience. There are two reasons for this, one, you don’t want to be so upset that you are off in a whirlwind of difficult emotions and thoughts; and two, you need to get the feel for how to do this and the most painful experience won’t let it happen.

Now, set aside your old and known ideas about what happened, what should have happened, where you screwed up where the other screwed up and just pretend to be an interested, neutral party but not the one who experienced it. (You can pick back up your beliefs and perceptions in a while if you feel so inclined.)

Center yourself in present time, with all that you have learned over the years being front and center. All the a-ha’s and awarenesses, and your wisdom being available to you. (How do you do this? Simply have the intention and they will be available to you.)

Looking back from present time, ask yourself what do you know now that you did not know then, that sheds new light on the old painful experience? Bring it in.

What judgements about the past are out dated and ready to let go just by shining the light of awareness on them? Let them go.

Looking at your old self and your old pain from the lens of compassion, what forgiveness towards yourself is available? Offer it.

What are you experiencing now? You might want to journal or paint, maybe take a walk in the rain.

Please acknowledge yourself for being willing to be with yourself in a fresh and open way!

Work with this process on your own. Use it with as many painful past experiences as you can. If you discover you can only shift so much, and you’d really like to go from lock to key, to living fully and compassionately with an attitude of gratitude, a personalized, private retreat with me in sunny Mexico will get you there.