Does Time Heal?


Time does not heal. Time can soften “it” and provide you with distractions, thank God.
It can even help you put a good face on it. But you will find that if you don’t really use this hard time for your flowering, you will continue to feel wounded. And that will create beliefs that can stop you from experiencing the beauty of who you are and living a life that is true.

Ok, so maybe you’re still unsure if this work will bring you what you most deeply want, whatever that is. You have tried before and it hasn’t “stuck”  yeah, you get some insights and then it just sort of peters out and mostly you return to the same old ways of doing, relating and seeing yourself.

Well I can tell you for sure if you don’t get support, whether from me or someone else, that worry about not being able to make the changes is a moot point, as you will most likely continue to see yourself, and to act, in the same old ways. The thing about working with me that is probably different from what you may have tried before is you get support on all levels:  emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energetic.

I know the ins and outs of not attending to what is most important to one self and the consequences. There is nothing greater you can do for yourself and for those in your life than being who you are!

Since you have read this far, call or email to see if I can help you live a life that springs forth from your heart.