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After age forty is an extraordinary, unique time to flower into your truest self. You have seen enough, been through enough to now cultivate the wisdom from all your experiences.

Your whole self is set for this adventure, with shifting hormones that say “No more!” to what doesn’t work. You are being pushed to discover what you really want and need. You are primed for the best time of your life.


First, to be with yourself as you have always dreamed of having someone be with you.

This is very good news. You know what it is and you know how to do it, you have been treating others this way for years, just not yourself. To bring forth all the love, gentleness, patience, encouragement, forgiveness that you give to others and give it to yourself is thrilling. This foundation of loving kindness has to be present before you will feel safe to make other changes with ease.

Second, to understand your unique life as if it were a purposeful puzzle and to appreciate how the pieces fit together.

As challenging as this seems, scary even, it’s really a blast!

It’s time to stop looking at yourself through the lens of being broken and needing to be fixed. Quite the opposite! To know yourself in this way is to love yourself!

In this process, you will naturally discover what you are to express in the world.

Third, to learn and actually live the life skills necessary for living effectively such as; communication that brings intimacy and clarity, aligning your inside and outside life; learning how to reflect instead of project and how to respond vs. react. Mastering these intrapersonal skills of communication and self-awareness gives you clear avenues to bring out the best of what you already know and take you further.

And fourth, most importantly, to deepen your relationship with your essential nature and to naturally reflect essential qualities in your life. Such as joy, love, compassion and peace.

At the heart of many of the world’s spiritual traditions is the idea that we all share the same essential nature and yet each of us is unique in the expression of it.

We tend to think of these qualities as something we have to learn, to practice, to try and get. In my experience they are waiting for us at the heart of every challenging as well as delightful situation, thought and feeling.


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