Is this you?



Although we are each unique individuals, the struggles we go through at this time in our lives are remarkably similar.

See if any of these situations sound familiar to you:

You are bright, competent and have accomplished many things but something is missing. You know that life is made up of great and difficult times and you have learned a lot, been inspired, changed some patterns. Yet you find that you can’t really seem to bring all that you know into your day-to-day life. Right now the good in your life and all that you know is just not enough.

Your life is being turned upside down by circumstances and you don’t know which way is up. You had no idea you would end up here or if you did, it was just an inkling you could set aside most of the time. It has made you feel like you don’t know yourself. All that you believe and thought was true is up for question. Yikes!

You can’t push through life like you used to. For one thing your body won’t let you, but neither will your spirit. You used to be a master of putting everyone and everything else first and now you find that in your heart you don’t have what it takes to do it anymore. This is actually good news if only you weren’t afraid of losing the love and acceptance of others.

You have great moments of feeling joy, but they end too quickly. Perhaps you experience joy when you’re listening to music, dancing with abandon, seeing the sun rise or set over a beautiful vista, laughing and sharing with friends and family, using your creativity, reading something inspirational. But these moments are fleeting and don’t seem to impact your life like you think, or hope, they would.

You peel and peel the proverbial onion only to find yourself with another layer! How long do you have to work on yourself to be free and happy without falling into the same old patterns of reactions and beliefs that are outdated? You know you are not an object that is broken and needs to be fixed but it sure feels like it sometimes.

You would be fine if this persistent voice would stop whispering about something more or something needing to change. But since your spiritual life, your connection with yourself, is important to you, you know you have to listen even if you don’t like what the voice is asking.

No matter which of these situations you find yourself in, I can help you.

My clients are bright, creative people over forty- who are ready to live fully by living authentically from their heart.

So what is possible for you?
After working with hundreds of people for the last 20 years, I have learned that who we truly are is fully accessible to each of us and is a thrilling, fun and exciting adventure of rediscovering what was inside us all along.


You’ll really blossom if you have these values:

You are willing to get help to make the changes you want
You gratefully reflect on your life experience for wisdom and insight
You are ready to break through restrictive patterns and beliefs
You want a fulfilling life
You seek deeper levels of love, joy and peace
You love to laugh and be playful
You desire to enliven your spiritual journey so that it is authentic to you
You want to experience a natural harmony between your inner and outer lives


You may be wondering how this all works. See for yourself: check out How It Works.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me. I’m happy to respond.