Live Life Fully: A personal transformational retreat in beautiful Ajijic, Mexico

To live life fully is to be authentic, to care tenderly and deeply for ourselves and the choices we are making. It is felt as a sense of aliveness and acceptance for this life—joy, anguish, everything. We feel open, undefended and intimately connected to our innermost Self. Then, we live our lives with the peace we have dreamed of, while following our heart’s true North. 

Are you ready to live such a life?

Live Life Fully

A transformational, personal retreat
in beautiful Ajijic, Mexico

It’s time. Whether something has shattered your life or you simply recognize that you are really ready to live in a new way and follow your heart.

If tolerating, making do and excuses rule your life, it’s time to stop. This is a bullshit way to live. When we are young we follow the social and familial script because we don’t know better. Now it’s time to cultivate the wisdom from all our experiences, to love ourselves and our life.

Discover the radiant, faceted jewel
that is at the heart of your life.

This Retreat is no ordinary getaway—it’s a transformational deep-dive into what it means (and takes) to live your life authentically, now.

This retreat is for individuals or couples in midlife or their Third Act who are ready to change their perspective, literally and figuratively. It is for you, who are craving time away for productive reflection, rejuvenation and transformation. Whether you’re in a transition from a relationship ending, retirement or other life event, or you’re simply ready to heal old wounds and begin to dream again, you can find meaning and learn valuable skills through a Live Life Fully Retreat.

Hi, I’m Kat Miller and I believe that problems, disasters, transitions and desires are doorways to living our most genuine lives. I have been privileged to work with hundreds of people in their most tender moments. Allowing them to feel heard, held and fully understood in a way that leads them to experience themselves and the world in a way they couldn’t before. 

I believe it’s possible for you to live your life authentically. I know how hard it is to make changes, to doubt and be hopeless. I’ve guided myself and hundreds of clients through this terrain. I know life can be different. When you respond to the longing, you open the door to your authenticity.

You’ll really blossom at a Live Life Fully Retreat if you are:

  • Open to reflecting on your life experience for wisdom and insight
  • Finally, damn it, ready to live your life
  • Inspired to say goodbye to restrictive patterns and beliefs
  • Know its time to experience fulfillment
  • Can see peace, love and joy out of the far corner of your eye
  • Willing to laugh and be playful
  • Eager to enliven your spiritual journey so that it is authentic to you
  • Aspiring to a natural harmony between your inner and outer lives

“One must occasionally retreat from the conventional environment to experience the spaciousness and clarity that can only be found by looking within.”
– Buddha

Why retreat?

It’s time to get out of your normal routine so you can relax into a deep resonance with your needs, your desires, and your body’s natural rhythms. It’s a time to to bring forth all the love, gentleness, patience, encouragement, forgiveness that you give to others and give them to yourself.

Are you ready to Live Life Fully?

A Five-Day and Three-Month Live Life Fully Retreat includes:

  • A 90-minute clairvoyant reading and healing before you arrive
  • Pre-retreat written exploration to discover which Essential Qualities are waiting to express through you
  • Personalized daily curriculum:
    • Energy clearing to begin the day
    • Psychospiritual counseling in the morning
    • Practical tools and life skills lesson in the afternoon
    • Meaningful Daily Reflections homework
  • Learn and practice Attunement multiple times each day for connection to oneself and the divine
  • One day in the middle of the week for integration, perhaps even adventure. (It’s up to you!)
  • A full range of emotions, laughter and tears, renewal and gratitude, all in one breath
  • The gift of time in a beautiful and culturally rich environment

When you are back home you will have the self-awareness that will carry you forward long after you leave the retreat, as well as additional support from me.

In the three months following your personal transformation retreat, you’ll receive:

  • Four 60-minute phone/skype sessions for continuing integration, energy clearing and healing
  • Weekly emails to check in, move through blocks and maintain momentum

But, the support doesn’t end there. After this three month transition period, you qualify for a special price for additional support in the form of phone/skype psychospiritual counseling sessions, practical learning lessons or clairvoyant readings and healings.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to be who we are.”
– Joseph Campbell

During your Live Life Fully retreat, you will have one day off to visit one of the largest arts and crafts communities in the world. Walk the streets and allow yourself to become absorbed in the grand haciendas of the past while shopping in Tlaquepaque or Tonala, or exploring the museums of the historical downtown Guadalajara. Or you may just want to lay in the hammock and watch clouds, after a massage or gentle yoga class. (Once you’re confirmed, you will receive an online information guide for organizing and booking your room and extra activities.)

Beyond the retreat

The benefits of a Live Life Fully retreat can last a lifetime. Once home, expect to experience a new way of living that includes:

  • Less stress and painful self-talk
  • More effortless enjoyment
  • Attentiveness to your needs and core desires
  • More love, peace, and joy
  • Tools and techniques to draw upon for any issue
  • Ability to effectively face, and move through, your emotions
  • A greater level of self-appreciation and understanding
  • Increased clarity
  • Less time regretting the past or worrying about the future
  • Transforming new insights into actions for long term ways of being

Travel basics:

You’ll be flying into Guadalajara International Airport. A Taxi will be pre-arranged for you to make the 40 minute drive from the airport to Ajijic.  (It’s not necessary to rent a car.)


$1800 Individual

$2400 Couple – If you’re a couple, parent and child, siblings or business partners the retreat can be specially arranged for the two of you (all sessions are joint and focused on the specific relationship)

Retreats for groups of two or more are also available. Send me a message for more information.

How to start to Live Life Fully:

There are only ten of these personal retreats available each year. Schedule a discovery session now to determine if this retreat is right for you.

Simply contact me indicating your interest in a Life Life Fully retreat. We’ll ask each other questions and decide if a personal retreat is the right fit for your needs.

Once accepted, you’ll make a $500 deposit to hold your dates, and the balance is due 60 days before your retreat begins.


Head over to my contact form and ask away!


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