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I want to acknowledge you for opening this page. These are tender moments. Opening this page means that you are wanting not only relief in this difficult time but to live your life in the deepest and truest way possible.

After working with hundreds of people, myself included, I know that it seems hard to make lasting changes and to face those places in our lives that are calling out to us or have flattened us like a pancake.

Working against us is a fundamental feeling that something is broken within us. It’s not.

All of us over forty share a history of the joy and sadness that life brings. So often the memories that stick with us are the difficult times.

Who hasn’t buried a precious dream, suffered sadness and disappointment in relationships, made crappy choices, fallen into repetitive patterns, missed opportunities, hurt the ones we love, and failed to listen to our inner wisdom?

This is the time of life to seek and find the authentic self within, that inner wisdom. If you don’t take this journey when it comes to grab you, you’re in danger of missing out on the potential of your full bloom, hidden in the current upheaval. Living life from your deepest truth, your innermost self is absolutely available to you, especially at this time of life.

Thank you, this was very clarifying for me. You have spoken to me in such a way that you cut to the core of the matter. I appreciate you spending time to ensure that I was clear, asking the right questions. I am so happy to have found you!




A full-out life healing program for people who want to be their truest selves in a world of challenges and possibilities.

If you feel like something is missing, are in a transition that’s kicking your butt, can’t get out of your own way to bring your dreams into reality, or simply wish you had more peace and joy in your life, there is hope.

This four-month, multi-dimensional program blends the clairvoyant, therapeutic and spiritual which makes it fast, focused, full of inspiration and practical. It is customized to meet your individual needs.

Think you’d like this depth of support? Read more about this four month program.


For those moments in life when you are in the midst of an issue that you have been with before and need a tune up, an updated understanding and the skills to move forward. Integrating the understanding, practices, and wisdom of psychology and spirituality, I provide you with the safety, skilled guidance and loving support to let go of the old concepts, ideas, and emotional patterns that are asking to be released. This is the gentle process of self-discovery.

Sessions are 60 minutes and are in person or by phone.

Cost: $125.00 to be paid via Paypal or check at the time of booking phone sessions or at the beginning of each in-person session. (In Mexico? Ask about discounts for locals.)

Ready to pay, make an appointment or want to talk it over?

I didn’t know what to expect from a Reading and Healing session.

I was excited and a little nervous. But Kat, you’re so down-to-earth and easy to talk to, I was immediately comfortable. And the session was so helpful. I’m feeling such a strong sense of self. Old crap fell away, and I have practical information to help me move forward in my business and my life. Thank you!



Do you feel like you’re living in a fog?  Imagine suddenly coming into sunlight with an expansive mountaintop 360-degree view.

That’s what a Clairvoyant reading is like.  It brings clarity to your concerns and questions by accessing information and understanding beyond the usual sense perceptions or conscious awareness.

Energy healing uses natural, always available healing vibrations to release the energy blocks and stagnation. The combination of a reading and healing let’s you move forward with compassion and confidence. This is great to do once a year or in times of transition and confusion. Many women give this to themselves as a yearly birthday present.

What’s included:

– Recorded 60-90 minute session by phone or in person.

– Specific steps for going forward on your own.

– One 15 minute follow up 10 days later to clarify anything that has arisen from the session and provide energetic healing work if needed.

Cost: $250.00 paid in advance by Paypal (In Mexico? Ask about discounts for locals.)

Want to pay, schedule a session or talk it over?

There was no obvious or evident cause for me to be depressed. I lived in one of the sweetest places in the world, married to a considerate, understanding, funny man, both of us with good to great jobs, solid investments and good health. Why, then, did I burst into tears whenever the slightest remark was made? Kat not only helped me recognize the truth, but also taught me to create an alertness with which I “saw” the truth before a knee-jerk reaction occurred.

With some therapists, it takes years to dig to the bottom of why a certain behavior exists and where did it come from. Kat didn’t automatically pursue that route, but did when I indicated I might need to. With her guidance, I discovered that I only wanted someone or something to blame. Having someone to point my finger at did not change my tears to smiles, but knowing that fact made me smile.

Kat is gentle and not judgmental. I always felt that me reaching my goal of just “being happy or content or at peace” was as important to her as it was to me.


The best way to find out if my services are right for you is to contact me and set up a time to talk. In this conversation, I’ll ask you questions about your current situation – what’s going on, what’s holding you back, how you would really like to experience your life – and more. You’ll also have a chance to ask me any questions and get to know me a little better.

Through our conversation, you may get some powerful insights and suggestions for action, and we will be able to determine if my approach is the best for you. If it is, I will suggest a way of working together that will be perfect for your situation.

Sound good? Click here to contact me and see if this is for you!