What really matters?

This month’s question is:

What really matters to me in my life?

Suggestions on how to answer the question of the month

Always notice the first thing that comes into your mind. And then, take a moment to drop down below that answer.

A great way to do this is to ask yourself what the first answer would give you, and then ask again after the next answer. And even one more time.

Once you have that deepest answer, take a minute and imagine your life infused with that.

For example with the question, “What really matters to me in my life?” The first answer may be financial well being.

Now, get curious… what would that give me? I would feel safe. Ok, so I would feel safe and what would that give me? Ahh, that would give me ease. Ok so what I really want is ease. And what would that give me? Peace, yes peace… What really matters to me in my life is peace, peace no matter what circumstances are present. Ahh.

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3 Responses to What really matters?

  1. AngelaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Kat! Loved the question and here is my response.

    Being close to nature, brings me peace and quiet; makes space for being creative and experiencing joy. Joy! Ahhh

    • adminNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Angela!
      I find peace and quiet in nature also. My mind chatter calms and I am gently brought into the interconnectedness of life. Joy is present. Tell me more about creativity?

  2. MargaretNo Gravatar says:

    What really matters to me in my life is that I share my love with my beloveds in a way that uplifts us all.

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